A reseller gets a percentage of invoices for customer accounts belonging to the reseller. The percentage is determined by the invoice total of the resellers customers per month.

400 to 1999 SEK per month results in 20 percent provision
2000 to 9999 SEK per month results in 30 percent provision
10000 SEK and above per month results in 50 percent provision

The provision is added to your reseller account when the invoice has been paid.


When ordering an account for a customer the reseller ID can be entered in either of the following ways:

- Directly in the URL to the order pages or our homepage, for example:
  • - Enter <ÅF-ID> as reseller ID at the confirmation step of the order (i.e the last step)


    The provisions earned by your reseller account is foremost used as rebate on invoices sent to the resellers customernumber

    If your provision exceeds the amount we bill you for your own account(s) at sums larger than
    1.000 SEK (vat excluded) you can send an invoice to us for the amount.
    For swedish customers this requires a "F-skattesedel"."