Dynamic DNS

With our DNS services, you have full control over your domain name and can easily point www and mail to an address of your choice. You can administer MX, A/CNAME, AAAA, NS, SRV and URL pointing forwards in our advanced controlpanel.


The ability to create sub-accounts (5 included) which can be given rights to update one or more A pointer under the domain via either URL or through software that makes it automatic.

Our services
Dynamic DNS

Price per month (excl. VAT)
16,00 SEK
Pointing the www on the ip-number or hostname Ja
Pointing the mail on the ip-number or hostname Ja
Point out MX and priority Ja
A,CNAME,AAAA,SRV pointers and TTL
URL forwards from subdomain to an address
Create NS pointers (DNS) Ja
Sub-accounts 5
Email-support Ja
Telephone support
Webbased account administration