Problem at .SE

During later parts of the monday evening IIS who handle the .SE domain a mistake during planned maintenance which led to the DNS-servers who handle the .SE domain gave out erronous under an unknown amount of time but at least 30 minutes.



This affected all .SE domains regardless of supplier. If the DNS-server you were using had already cached the value or made no attempt to check the domain it was not affected, but it's something which most likely affected at least some in every single active .SE domains visitors.

The result is that if the DNS server you use have cached the wrong values the problem can still exist even though .SE fixed the issue. If you are experiencing this you could try to flush the cache in the DNS server or restart it if you're handling it yourself, otherwise you will need to contact the one responsible for the DNS server. Most swedish ISPs will most likely empty their cache as soon as possible if they haven't already done so to avoid too much support.

More information about the problem can be found on below URL's (articles in swedish):

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