Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange offers new possibilities for your company to simplify communication.


Hosted Exchange is a very flexible communication-solution which is designed to help companies get access to information no matter where you are. You can easily access all mail which is sent or recieved even if you don't have access to your computer through Outlook Web App. Do note that you cannot use Exchange for only one email in a domain, the entire domain needs to be moved to Exchange.


Hosted Exchange gives you access to the following features:


  • Always access your email - Via Outlook, your cellphone or Outlook Web App. You can always reach your email no matter where you are.

    Shared contacts - Exchange offers you the possibility to share your contacts with everyone in the company which makes sure that all important contact information is available to everyone who needs it.

    Outlook Web App (OWA) - Everything you need is a webbrowser and an internet connection, then you have full access to your email, calendar and your address book. The user interface for Outlook Web App is designed after Outlook which makes it very easy to use.

    Mobile Communications - E-mail in your cellphone through ActiveSync (also called push mail) eases communication with cellular phones, you can send and recieve mail or book meetings right through your phone.

    Antivirus and Spamfilter - A very powerful antivirus and spamfilter checks all incoming mail to verify that your email is safe to open when it reaches you.

    Securly stored data - All information is stored on mirrored servers, so even if a server goes down you will still be able to reach your email, calendar and addressbook without problems.

    Access to deleted emails - Everyone who has ever deleted a mail by mistake without having backups know how devastating this can be. This is no longer a problem because all the emails you delete will be retained up to 4 weeks which you can restore using OWA or Outlook.


We have setup 2 different versions of Exchange:



Includes the following:

1GB space per mailbox

Personal mailfolders

Personal addressbook

Global addressbook

Shared folders

Shared calendar

Shared contacts

Shared events

Public folders

ActiveSync (push mail)


Price: 69 SEK / month per mailbox



Standard Plus:

Includes everything in Standard but also includes an Outlook-license you can use.


Price: 89 SEK / month per mailbox

It is possible to have 1 or more of Standard and 1 or more of Standard Plus in the same account.

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