VPS - Virtual Private Server

VPS - Virtuell privat server

VPS is a way to share one physical server into multiple virtual servers so that it looks like you are using a dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and each server can be rebooted independently of the others.
Performance-wise, a dedicated server is more powerful than a virtual server, but a virtual server can also have a high performance and will give you complete freedom to configure yourserver. Security is a virtual server equivalent to a dedicated. You get full access to the virtual server and can install applications, add-on modules, etc..

Via a web interface, you can choose to let it boot from the cdrom or hard drive, connect one of several posted distributions as cdrom and reinstall itself if necessary, restart the VPS, aswell as see network statistics (mrtg) and open up connections to VPS server console for external IP addresses via VNC.

Choice of Operating Systems Yes
Disk Space 20 GB
System memory (RAM) 1 GB
Data transfer
300 GB/month
Access root-level
IP-address 1
DNS 10 domains
Account Administration Yes
Basic Support Weekdays 08.00-19.00
Setup fee
495 SEK
Price per month
345 SEK

The service is available from a 3-month contract.

Nightly backup, one backup per day saved 7 days, one backup per week saved four weeks back (other ranges are available if desired).

Up to 1GB of data (per backup session): Monthly Price 25 SEK
Up to 5GB data (per backup session): Monthly Price 50 SEK
Up to 20GB data (per backup session): Monthly Price 100 SEK